Department Library

Library, it is a place of silence and we know Silence is Golden. Every body treats it as a sacred place

The Mechanical Department Library holds a varied collection of educational aids in the field of Mechanical Engineering. It offers a very generous study space, and open access to all most all of its collections for those who are interested in it.

Key Services

The library activities are supported by a team of dedicated staff for providing of a wide range of services:
  • Access is free of charge to all Mechanical Engineering students and Faculty

  • The department Library is open all the working days

  • Trainings for the use of databases and software is available.

Key Resources

  • The department library is host to a wide range of books and documents relating to various aspects of education in the field of Mecahnical Engineering, incorporating a large section on reference books.

  • Has more than a thousand copies for distribution

  • Has the Curriculum Resources collection, displaying teaching materials for all levels and all subjects

  • Well organized and maintained reference section for each subject and respective online facilities are made available


  • The main education collection contains a copy of every book on prescribed in the syllabus

  • A seperate section “ Book Bank”- a collection of Academic and Non- Academic books donated by staff and students is maintained.

  • To support the finacially backward students books from the Book bank is is issued for the students for one whole semester.


In the loving memory, our beloved students Joseph, Luke and Sunil of 2007-11 batch. The department started with the co-operation of students and staff, collecting old academic books and formed a book bank which generously give a helping hand to the finaciancially backward  students. Now with in a few year with the contributions from the students and staff we own a collection of more than 500 books and still counting.

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Library Acquisitions

HighlightsDepartment Library Rules for Students

  • The Library will be functioning on all working days except Saturday between 1615-1645 hrs.

  • Books will be issued only to those students who have membership in the Library.

  • Students without ID card and proper uniform will not be allowed to enter the library.

  • Students are not permitted to enter the library with bags and text books.

  • Students have to enter the accession number, title and the name of the author in the register before getting the book issued.

  • Students can avail a maximum of three books at a time.

  • Students must satisfy themselves whether the books are in good condition, before they leave the library. If any damage is noticed, the same must be immediately intimated to the staff. Otherwise they will be held responsible for damages.

  • A book will be issued for a maximum period of 30 days. Thereafter a fine of `5 per day will be charged including holidays.

  • Books once issued will be taken back only after 5 days.

  • If the borrowed books have no reservation, two renewals are permitted to students.

  • If a book is not returned within 60 days, it will be considered that the book has been lost and a new book along with fine will be collected.

  • Marking, underlining, writing or defacing the books in any form, will lead to fine and other punishments.

  • A penalty will be imposed on the student for any damages caused by improper handling.

  • Students must maintain silence inside the library.