Industrial Training / Visits

1. KEL (Kerala Electrical & Allied Engineering Co. Ltd)


We visited the KEL at Kollam on 7th March 2013. The Kundra unit in Kollam houses a train lighting alternator division. The division includes the following:

  • 12kW alternators specially designed for powering express trains of Indian Railway
  • Ground power units for starting and powering aircrafts
  • DC,AC power frequency and high frequency power pack for missile firing

2. Josco Footwear Products Pvt Ltd

Josco Footwares

The Josco Footwear Products (P) Ltd factory in Puducherry was visited on 8th March 2013. The factory unit houses the following:

  • A clear picture about the manufacturing process of micro cellular rubber sheet used in the manufacture of hawai chappals
  • Eva footwear manufactured by eva injection moulding machine and polyurethane footwear manufactured by pouring machine with rexine.

3. Cochin Shipyard Pvt Ltd

Cochin Shipyard

The Cochin Shipyard Pt Ltd was visited on 16th December 2013 and an implant training was done till 24th December 2013. The training helped to get a clear cut idea about the various operations performed such as

  • Utility management
  • Ship building
  • Ship repair

4. TELK (Transformers And Electricals Kerala Ltd)

Telk Ltd

The TELK, Angamaly was visited on January 6th 2013 and done an implant training till 8th January 2013. The company manufactures gas circuit breakers, shunt and series reactors, isolated phase bus ducts etc. They also manufacture many sophisticated testing equipments.

5. Allampally Brothers Ltd

Allampally Brothers Ltd

The factory was visited on 16th December and an implant training was done till 18th December 2013. The factory houses the following:

  • Manufacturing and testing of LPG cylinders
  • Repairing works
  • Disposal and Recycling of used cylinders

6. Kairali Ford Ltd

Kairali Ford Ltd

The Kairali Ford was visited on 20th June 2011 and one week training was completed on 26th June 2011. The following were the experience gained:

  • Assisted workers in body shops and service centres.
  • Learnt the strategy used to deal customers as well as superior officers.

7. FACT (Fertilisers And Chemicals Travancore Ltd)


The FACT Kalamassery Division was visited on 10th December 2013 and an in plant training was completed on 17th December 2013. The students have experienced the following in the industry:

  • Got to know the different types of pumps, valves, compressors, boilers, stacks etc.
  • Assisted the workers in mechanical workshop to perform lathe operations
  • Studied the working of RAP(Replaced Ammonia Plant), CPP (Captive Power Plant), Acid plant and Caprolactum Plant

8. MGF Hyundai Ltd

MGF Hyundai Ltd

The company was visited on the 1st of October 2013. Later from January 5th to 10th 2013 an industrial training was also done.With an extensive sales network that covers the central Kerala comprehensively, and state-of-the-art workshops coupled with the company-trained technicians, MGF Hyundai offers instant, efficient and personalized customer service and is undoubtedly the biggest dealer in Kerala.

9. O/E/N India Limited

Visit of S5 ME-B Students to the Manufacturing plant of O/E/N located in the suburbs of Cochin took place on the 19th of September. The company was Established in 1968, and is a market leader for Electromechanical Components. The Factory infrastructure include fabrication plant for pressed parts, plastic moulded parts, electroplating facilities, Research & Development Laboratory, sophisticated Tool Room and Quality Assurance & Test Labs. Apart from regular production,O/E/N offers facilities for contract manufacturing and already exports considerable volumes.

During the visit the students were familiarized with state of the art Tool Room with CAD facility, machine shops having special machines in addition to conventional machine tools, well equipped Press and Moulding shop attached to the Tool Room, and many other robotic punching and moulding machines. The students was thrilled to see the manufacturing faciltiy having men and machines at work. The company was kind enough to grant experienced guides so that the students were given a walk through of the plant.

10. Space Museum, VSSC Trivandrum

Space Museum is Situated near the northern boundary of Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station (TERLS), a few metres from the coastline, St Mary Magdalene Church, lined with high-tech artefacts and visuals, speak the tell tales on the birth of Indian Space Programme.
It was in this church that the first rocket systems were assembled and integrated in 1962. The Bishop House, forming part of the church, functioned at that time as the office of the Director, TERLS. As the scientific activities gathered momentum, new projects came up, which necessitated the construction of new buildings. The first in the line were the Control Centre and then the R&D complex on the Veli Hills, all of which relegated the church building into the background.
But the good old church refused to go into oblivion! It sprang back to life with renewed vigour. It was converted into a photographic facility, this time as the official chronicler of the Indian Space Programme. In 1985, the church was converted into a Space Museum.
The museum has full-scale model of PSLV and PSLV heat shield on its premises. The museum also has scaled down (one fifth in size) models of GSLV, GSLV Mk-III and ATV.
Space Museum provides a tell-tale account of the Indian Space Programme from its infancy. The story of the Indian Space Programme is unfurled in six sections, comprising of history, education, technology, applications, global and the future. A movie theatre with surround sound system screens specially tailored movies on Indian Space Programme.
The museum attracts regular crowds including students and the public of the order of a lakh in a year. The museum is open to public from 09 30 to 16 00 hrs on all days except Sundays and declared holidays